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Based in Beaune, Burgundy, since 2014, R-tech Solutions specializes in wine solutions for all types of producers. R-tech Solutions is a forward-looking company, whether it is for the choice of materials or for the technical solutions offered. We are collaborating with numerous private and institutional partners. 


Our company manufactures innovative products using the most advanced technologies to offer the best possible solutions to the needs of its customers. 


We design our own products in our workshop based in Beaune. Customer satisfaction is part of the company's requirements, regardless of the products distributed or the work carried out. All our devices have a 24 months warranty (piece and labor). 

our solutions in cleaning and disinfection

VAPO-CLEAN - mobile steam generator


With VAPO-CLEAN, we wanted to offer our expertise in ecological cleaning to all, with a solution adaptable to all the equipment already in your possession. The steam treatment, fast and easy to use, allows optimal cleaning of your tanks and barrels by eliminating tartar, tannins and wine. We have different models, with variable steam production according to your needs. 


UV-CLEAN - barrel sanitizer


Cleaning does not guarantee perfect hygiene over time. Therefore, we have developed a patented UV sanitizer, which allows the natural disinfection of your barrels, without using chemicals. Its innovative system allows the elimination of more than 99% of the organisms present in the barrel, including brettanomyces. Our UV-CLEAN exist in single or multi version (disinfects up to 10 barrels simultaneously). 

our heating and cooling solutions

THERMO-STICK - barrel heating solution


Wine making in barrels requires perfect temperature control. We have therefore created THERMO-STICKK, which allows you to quickly heat your musts and wines safely, as you have always wanted. Our system makes it possible to maintain a constant temperature of the wines during each different vinification step.

Thanks to its waterproof bung, the rod can remain in place on a barrel without risk of oxidation. Equipped with a heathed volume recovery system, THERMO-STICK ensures perfect control of the rise in temperature, without overflow or overheating. 



Controlling the temperature of your vats is an important step during production phases such as fermentation. However, most vat heating solutions are internal, and may affect your wines. Thanks to our THERMO-PATCH, you can easily increase the temperature of your tanks. Placed in a low position outside the vat, it heats your whole tank evenly without risk of overheating or altering your product. The exchange surface is 50 times greater than that of a classic resistor. 




Temperature control is an important parameter for the good evolution of the vinification process. This is why we are offering a range of mobile coolers and heaters specially designed for the thermoregulation of flags and heat exchangers. 

Mobile heat pump


Thanks to their easy configuration interface, our mobile heat pumps simplify the management and control of the temperatures of your vats


Our range offers great comfort of use, due to its low noise level, and its easy maintenance (the exchanger is completely removable). The flow of wine passing through the exchanger is free and variable from 0% to 100% of the nominal flow of your associated pump. 


There is no risk of spoiling your products by using our mobile heat pumps, which have an automatic pump stop system when the liquid temperature reaches the set point. 

our solution for monitoring winemaking

VITIA Access :

Follow, control and secure your vinifications and your maturations without constraint, thanks to VITIA access. Our system measures and analyzes in real time more than 15 parameters (oxidation-reduction, pH, density, sugar level, ABV / potential ABV, fermentation kinetics, dissolved oxygen, temperature, wine level / wine volume, gaseous volume) to help you take good decisions throughout the winemaking process


Completely removable and mobile, it does not require any transformation of your working environment, your vats, or your barrels. 

barrel winemaking solution




Carry out all the stages of winemaking in barrels thanks to our technical barrel and its removable back side. Placed in a horizontal or vertical position, our vinification barrel is ideal for micro-cuvées. 

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